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  • is...
  • A Multidisciplinary Director
  • That is Statistically Successful At Tying His Shoes
  • Who Braved His Agonizing Fear Of Frogs
  • Looks Surprisingly Good With A Fanny Pack
  • And Your New Best Friend
*Pronounced /yawn-a-key-own-e/


My Philosophy as a filmmaker is the hopes of creating an environment where others create together, and feel as tho a project is as much theirs as it is mine. Talent and quality of product should always be achieved to its absolute, however I always strive for a proactive experience foremost to stimulate the creative process.

In my years through a lens, I have been integrable to the process from a blank page through to the food served at the release party. With the knowledge gained, I use all my talents to improve the project to the best of my ability, every time, no matter the job. I look forward to collaborating and contributing to this industry, see you on the silver screen.